Hosted Voip Systems for Business

Cloud Hosted VOIP

The future of communications is here today. The necessity for office based PBX telephony and huge Capex is a now a thing of the past. Hosted VOIP is the Defacto High Definition (HD) voice solution for the modern business environment providing future proof unified communications combining a variety of desktop IP phones or “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) to provide a true unified, flexible, redundancy ready solution.

Cloud Hosted VOIP enables businesses to work smarter, allowing users to remain available regardless of their location. Never miss a call again by combining office and mobile communications in a simple user friendly way.

Whats is Hosted VOIP

Cloud Hosted VOIP is feature rich and enterprise ready, so regardless of your business requirement our solution will fulfil your needs with everything from compliant Call Recording to Call Centre Call Distribution and everything in between. It doesn't matter what business size is, whether a small home office with two users or an SME with 250 plus users, you only pay for what you when you need it.

Link multi-sited businesses and remote workers in one solution regardless of geographic location or telephone numbers. The possibilities are endless and your call routing and dial plans are only restricted by your imagination.

The Benefits of Business VOIP?

Imagine being able to route your UK calls to a call centre in Ireland or India? Or have remote workers answering your business number at home. Or better still failover answering between multi-site businesses. Imagine business telephone systems London, Spanish and Italian offices and employess can use to communicate with ease. How about centralized reception answering for multi-site business allowing you to streamline staffing requirement across your business group. Or finally have dual registrations, an IP phone at Work is duplicated at Home giving you the flexibility to work from home or any location without your customers knowing the difference.

Software toolbars allow integration with Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers for “Click-to-Dial” options from website telephone numbers and business contacts within Outlook. Enjoy caller “Pop Ups” on your PC and a range quick feature settings from “Call forwarding” to “Speed dials”. Group directories allow all your users using the Business toolbar to see pop ups displayed as the company name or contact rather than the telephone number.

Busy Lamp fields enable you to see the status of other users whether they are engaged or available as well one-click dialling or transfers.

Virtual Hunt Groups allows you to route operational numbers in a variety of ways across your entire group of users with site-to-site failover and voice-mail options such messages forwarded automatically to your inbox as a “Wav” file.

Easily create custom “Music on Hold” to promote your business to callers on hold or being transferred.

Enjoy free calls between users and across all sites as well as low cost calls elsewhere.

PCI & FSA Compliant Call Recording can be added on a per user basis as a low-cost bolt-on and can be applied to all or part calls. Apply clever call markers to add comments to enable quick find options of comments within any stored recording. Recording can also be monitored in real time and provides a wealth of features and statistics including easy search and storage.

Our powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interconnect allows click to diall and other functionality including click-to-hold, transfer, CRM screen pop-up and call logs with over 15 separate CRM solutions including ACT! By Sage, LinkedIn, Lotus Notes, Maximizer CRM, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM, Microsoft Outlook, NETSUITE, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage CRM, Salesforce CRM, Sugar CRM, SuperOffice CRM, vtiger CRM, Zoho CRM.

Receptionist console is a software attendant product to enable receptionists to monitor and handle all staff calls from any location, being a hosted software console the reception can work from anywhere freeing you from legacy systems. Monitor staff extensions and inbound calls in real time making call handling quicker, easier and more professional.

Cloud based hosted VOIP is the ideal solution to manage disaster recovery scenario either through pre-planned dial plans and hunt groups or “on the fly” real time configuration to divert inbound callers to any location instantly.

Mobile Office is a software App to turn your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Android device into your user extension system phone and provides enterprise functionality allowing extension dialing, call answer, call transfer, call hold, speakerphone and voicemail and could be used as the primary, secondary or shared call appearance device for remote or mobile workers as well as mainstream staff.

Hosted VOIP auto attendant allows businesses to better direct inbound callers to the right departments or staff. Often referred to as IVR, the system offers the caller options in the way dialling specific numbers for separate departments. i.e. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts etc.

Call Centre Automated Call Distribution (ACD) allows users to build a “carrier Class” call centre solution without the need for extra hardware, software or Capex infrastructure. This system supports multiple single Call Centres as well as a distributed multi­site Call Center to act as a single “Virtual Call Centre”, regardless of the geographic location of the existing sites or individual agents. The solution reduces operational costs and improves the caller experience whilst being an enterprise standard feature rich call distribution and queuing system.

Call Centre Wallboard provides feature rich real time and historical statistics monitoring of Agents and Call Centres. The application provides performance tracking for Management, Supervisors and Agents. Wallboard provides precise key information at a glance and alerts when performance drops below target. The User Interface which is highly customizable can be accessed from anywhere and on any device via a Web Browser and Internet connection. Deploy instantly and simply assign to a Call Centre and login from anywhere.

{The necessity for office based PBX telephony and huge Capex is a now a thing of the past=The necessity for office based PBX telephony and huge Capex is a now a thing of the past|The requirement for site based Telephone Systems and massive capital expenditure is now completely unnecessary}